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    “I sleep better knowing that the Social360 team is diligently monitoring our social media channels and mentions. They are a watchful eye but also an intelligent one. Their understanding of what actually matters - to a healthcare company and our reputation - makes a huge difference.”
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23 Jan 2023
   — by Frank De Maria

In a polarized world business is the only institution viewed as trustworthy

Every year since 2000, venerable Public Relations outfit Edelman releases the Edelman Trust Barometer to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This year is no exception. Their findings for 2023 reveal that society believes that business is the “only institution seen as competent and ethical.” The Barometer delivers a raft of statistics that […]

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18 Jan 2023
   — by Frank De Maria

Artificial Influencers and their Impact on the News

The rise of the virtual (or artificial) influencer is a trend that will take the often-manipulative effects of social media to another level. Artificial influencers are computer-generated characters designed to mimic real people and interact on social media platforms. These digital personas are typically depicted as attractive, confident, and relatable to your personality, background, and […]

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In this year's edition of the Edelman Trust report, over 36000 respondents in 28 countries were asked if they believe that business should be more involved in social issues.
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