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Using our expertise to complement your business icon

Using our expertise to complement your business

Our in-depth knowledge of the online and social landscape puts us in the perfect position to provide data and insight to companies requiring longer-term partnership solutions. We have partnered with leading monitoring, cyber and business intelligence providers, so their clients can benefit from our expertise in online analysis. We have assisted in due diligence projects for intelligence and cyber companies, tracking mentions of key topics, companies and personalities. Our partners include:

Adding data-driven insight to your service offering

http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ online soma sale Our appreciation and understanding of the constantly-evolving online and social media space makes us a partner of choice for data-driven insight.

  • Online monitoring is a necessary addition to traditional media monitoring – white-labelling options available
  • Global Influential Authors lists delivered as a subscription or as raw profile information – giving access to top-level influencers and thought leaders
  • In-depth analysis of personalities, allowing due diligence functions to benefit from a comprehensive audit of social media history

Our Partnership with Dow Jones

generic Soma next day We have partnered with Dow Jones, one of the world’s leading data providers, to provide social media insight that complements their existing news, risk and analysis products.

Integrated Monitoring: Recognising the reliance on social media as a news source, we partner with Dow Jones Factiva to offer a one-stop solution for our clients to analyse social and traditional media. Our integrated monitoring reports give companies the traditional and social media coverage they need at a click. We analyse how global titles are reporting news, look at online traction of those articles and delve into opinion and influential comment around breaking stories.

My Company Today Social: Social360 provides its flagship social media analysis and online content curation to Dow Jones’ MCT Social reports, providing global brands with insight into relevant conversations that can affect their business.

Dow Jones Sports Intelligence: Using our Due Diligence Analysis methodology, Social360 provides social media insight for Dow Jones’ risk intelligence products which carry out thorough investigations into athletes, sponsors and sports management. We perform a detailed analysis into the social media profile and history of personalities or organisations as part of governance and diligence audits.

Bespoke online analysis: We carry out in-depth analysis and monitoring projects on behalf of some of Dow Jones global clients providing social media insight into corporate, political and consumer narrative.

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