Due Diligence: Social Media Research Plays a Critical Role in Helping to Identify Potential Risks and Opportunities

12 Apr 2022
   —  by Ryszard Bublik

Social360 launches due diligence monitoring tool to help companies manage their reputation and improve the decision-making process.

When we think of due diligence, we often relate it to the process of understanding all aspects of a company and its management prior to an acquisition or investment. That’s true, however, the diligence process has grown to cover a much wider range of areas, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, corporate sustainability, executive recruitment, employee management, brand endorsement, and so much more.

Social media research plays a vital role in helping to identify potential risks and opportunities in the decision-making process. It offers a window into a company’s operation or an individual’s thoughts and motivations. It is vital for those managing corporate and reputational risk to understand the social media profile and history of employees, prospective partners, or future brand ambassadors via a thorough and comprehensive review of their online social media activity.

To help senior leadership manage their company’s reputation, Social360 has launched a social media due diligence report, based on our proprietary search technology and years of analytical experience, working with some of the highest-profile brands in the world.

Who are Social360 Social Media Due Diligence reports for?

  • Brand teams who need to closely monitor what brand ambassadors and influencers are saying about their products
  • Sports management to understand what players are talking about, the language they are using and any potential issues that may come to light with increased media exposure
  • Recruiters, headhunters, and the internal Human Resources function in corporations who wish to research potential employees, the management or board members for value-misalignment or inappropriate online behavior
  • Lawyers and legal teams, researching social media for corporations, cases, high net worth individuals, and family offices
  • Agencies, insurers, and any organization that needs to know the value versus risk proposition of their clients and potential partners

Driven by a growing demand and the increasing number of high profile events, our Social Media Due Diligence reports are custom-designed to your requirements, tracking:

  • Social media profiles across all platforms
  • Key followers and followed accounts
  • Most popular posts with the highest reach
  • Posts mentioning key identified risk areas
  • Content that conflicts with (or reinforces) brand and corporate values
  • Other due diligence information where required including compliance and watch list checks

The team at Social360 has deep experience managing reputation issues for clients, acting as communications practitioners, and more than a decade of monitoring know-how. If you need help or have questions, please contact  Giles Brown or visit our product website for more information.

Ryszard Bublik