Managing corporate reputation during the Coronavirus pandemic

18 Mar 2020
   —  by Ryszard Bublik Over the past few weeks, several of our clients have been asking us to help them navigate the ongoing impact of Coronavirus.

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follow Social media has been leading the conversation around the virus but given the huge volume of information let alone the added layer of potential misinformation, they have been finding the task of uncovering relevant content increasingly difficult and time consuming. We have been working on their behalf to analyse the online landscape and how this global crisis is affecting their industry. The key areas of focus for companies right now are:
  • here Sector analysis – providing an overview of how Coronavirus is affecting specific industries and sectors. For example, we are monitoring the UK retail landscape for a nationally recognised brand wanting to assess the effects of UK-wide measures on their sector and their competitors.
  • Reputation management – looking at how corporate reputations are being impacted by the way the crisis is being handled. We are helping a global financial services institution assess whether social media is being used to criticise the approach they are taking with their customers and employees.
  • click Production, logistics and distribution – with developments globally around Coronavirus moving at an unprecedented speed, causing significant disruptions to supply chains, real-time social monitoring is helping companies to be better informed about any changes and so adapt faster and more effectively.
  • Government monitoring – The speed of change and the complexity of the issues being faced mean that often companies are seeing a wall of conflicting and incomplete advice.  Monitoring the social output of lawmakers and governments is creating better visibility of the changing regulatory landscape, driving better-informed decisions. Social360 has strong credentials in assisting corporate communications teams with the management of crisis. If you would like us to take some of the burden of your monitoring during these unchartered times, please get in touch.
Ryszard Bublik

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