Twitter’s Blue Tick Verification and Social360’s Premium Sources Database

18 May 2023
   —  by Declan Short Musk’s approach to verification highlights the importance of a curated database of influencers.

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Buy Xanax From India Elon Musk has named Linda Yaccarino, the former head of advertising at NBCUniversal, the new chief executive of Twitter. This comes after Musk acknowledged “massive” declines in revenue coming from the social media platform, with concerns raised by advertisers and companies over recent changes.

follow link The most notable of changes follows Musk making headlines by removing legacy blue ticks from non-paying accounts, throwing question to the validity of the platform’s subscription-based Twitter Blue verification tool. Under the guise of “addressing advanced AI bot swarms taking over” the social media site, the move presents a myriad of issues surrounding the authenticity and credibility of sources, as well as questions surrounding how the spread of misinformation might be managed.


go site On an individual level, Musk hasn’t exactly soothed the worries of stakeholders, continuing to like, follow, and share controversial sources on the platform, only highlighting to advertisers or shareholders’ to worries and uncertainty that comes with Twitter’s political and social nature. The consequences of these constantly evolving algorithmic, policy, and feature decisions are still ongoing, with users and sources potentially migrating to other sites, or removing their accounts entirely to avoid potential risks and harm to their brand that comes with the uncertainty of remaining on the platform. However, the ability to monitor and manage issues surrounding misinformation and authenticity can still be achieved; by using our unrivalled database of online influential authors, developed across our 10 years of global monitoring and containing over 100,000 profiles across geographic and sector areas, communications professions looking to identify influencers or sources for their campaigns can save both time and resources.

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Cheap Xanax Prescription Our Premium Sources dataset gives you access to the world’s most followed and influential social presences. Each source is verified and validated, continually maintained, updated and enhanced as we uncover new influential online voices. Instead of being involved in the verification process, or verifying each individual they come across on a manual, ad hoc basis, users can simply consult the pre-populated list and focus their efforts on building relationships with those already verified. Our Premium Sources list would be particularly valuable for crisis communications – in such cases, a pre-populated list of verified users could help communications professionals quickly identify credible sources and disseminate accurate information to the public.

follow link Social360’s Premium Sources list of verified users is a valuable resource for communications professionals. It can help to streamline their efforts, save time and resources, and provides trust and credibility towards analyses and campaigns. As the debate around Twitter’s new paid verification concept continues, it is worth considering how a pre-populated list could help to mitigate potential barriers and enhance communications efforts.

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Declan Short
Senior Analyst and Content & Marketing Manager

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