Reputation Intelligence

Understand the conversations that affect your reputation

Data is nothing without context Reliable insight is critical for corporate management to stay ahead of reputational threats and missteps that can directly affect company value.

Buy Zolpidem Cheap Having access to this vast amount of data is not enough for overstretched communications and risk functions; of critical importance is the ability to use filter, prioritise and analyse the content to gain understanding, establish relevance and assess the influence of conversation. Companies need to know the relevant information has been extracted, overlaid with expertise providing qualitative analysis of the narrative and trends beneath the data.

Reputation Intelligence delivers actionable relevance Think of Reputation Intelligence as your guiding light in a data landscape of uncertainty and complexity. Powerful technology that constantly mines data, indexing and categorising in real time. Tunnelling through layer upon layer of social dialogue, data dump sites, misinformation, bot chat and fake news, to unearth high quality content. Machine learning developed over a decade of observing patterns and synergies, reveals data of reputational significance. The nuanced perception of highly skilled analysts creates a narrative that highlights those golden nuggets of data to give them context and meaning, providing you with the intelligence you need to armour-plate your company’s reputation.


Speed is of the essence Data does not stop. And our powerful technology rapidly harvests data as it’s created. We scrape over 60 million sources constantly – 24/7 making sure you are always up-to-speed with the very latest key intelligence – as it becomes available.


Only what matters to your reputation

Ambien Buy Online Uk Once our AI has indexed and categorised the data, machine learning technology sifts out what could have the biggest impact on your reputation, using over ten years of patterns to inform its decisions. So, you only receive the reputational data that’s key to your company. This can include specific themes or events. From fluctuations in the stock exchange to market volatility or activist agendas. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we will find the data that could impact you.


Human analysis aligned to your context Reputation Intelligence is tailored to fit your requirements. Our highly experienced analysts filter the content and overlay a narrative and structure, understanding your company’s reputational hotspots and uncovering new areas of potential risk.

The result is a daily, weekly, or monthly update of high-quality reputational content, with a narrative and as much granular detail as you need.

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What this means for you By working with us you receive the inside track on exactly what the world is saying about your company. This gives you the opportunity to make business critical decisions with clarity and authority. In turn, providing you with a data-critical edge over your competitors.
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