Is your ESG strategy more words than action?

Whether activists are planning a protest at your AGM, or there are unethical practices emerging in your supply chain, we uncover the ESG risks critical to how your business is seen by investors and other stakeholders.

These are the risks that are difficult to measure but can blow up into a crisis that could cause untold damage to your corporate reputation.

Too many ESG assessments are carried out inwardly, with a focus on readily auditable data and disclosures. Social360 gives you the information you need to look outward. We close the circle between ESG frameworks and external perception. We analyse the broadest datasets and widest range of online sources to unearth any gaps between what you say you do and what is actually happening in the real world, beyond the quantitative data.

These are the areas that can cause the most impact to your reputation, your relationships and your share price.

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