Reputational Analysis

Fast, relevant and tailored reputational analysis which you can trust

Our daily online monitoring services are our flagship solutions, trusted by global brands and communications consultancies for over ten years. follow Suited to all reputational risk scenarios, our approach offers two distinct advantages: we cut through the vastness of online data to find the relevant nuggets of information that can pose a threat to corporate reputation, and we actively track ongoing narrative and influential voices that can directly affect perception. follow site We collect and analyse massive datasets in the context of your organisation, using machine learning trained over ten years and on tens of millions of industry sources, to extract meaning and surface risks in real time. A team of analysts tailor delivery for specific corporate functions. We realise that the value in social media can often be diluted by bots, fake news sources and misleading information, which can leave you feeling buried by data and unable to see any insight. We remove the manual labour involved in analysing social media activity and data dashboards.

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