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22 Oct 2019
   — by Helen Jones

You’ve been framed! (Or have you?)

With the Brexit debate rumbling on, we take a look at the PR media manipulation techniques providing ongoing distraction from the underlying events taking place.

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08 Nov 2018
   — by Giles Brown

US mid-terms: judgement day for social networks

The US mid-terms marked a defining moment for the embattled social networks in their quest to get rid of fake political sources attempting voter influence. But it looks like they still have work to do.

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03 Jul 2018
   — by Cristina Motta

Who’s afraid of the big bad activist?

The digital landscape adds immediacy and reach to campaigners and activists. Consumers easily group together and make noise, using social platforms to mobilise and target.

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22 Jun 2018
   — by Francesco Beccio

Social media at the World Cup: moving the goalposts?

I love football. I love the World Cup. The world’s most brilliant footballers taking centre stage for their country. Weeks of football on the television. It doesn’t even matter if your team isn’t there.

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06 Jun 2018
   — by Su Lwin

Social media skeletons in the closet

Social media can be lauded as a platform on which individuals exercise their right to freedom of speech, while simultaneously and conversely, holding users accountable for the repercussions of their posts.

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31 May 2018
   — by Oliver Collard

Alternative media: fake news or fresh opinion?

Around this time last year, alternative media outlet The London Economic published what was to be the most widely viewed online article of the General Election. Ever heard of them? Me neither.

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01 May 2018
   — by Ryszard Bublik

Dispelling mistrust, misinformation and misunderstanding

Today’s backdrop of misinformation and lack of trust in social data, along with an ever increasing amount of online activity makes the need to capture, understand and monitor an essential part of any communications strategy.

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